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Ray Volpe Takes Dubstep By Storm With “Bermuda”

If you have dabbled in the realm of electronic bass music in the last year, you may have heard of a young, Subway-eating producer named Ray Volpe. If not, let’s introduce you to his music with his latest dubstep anthem “Bermuda”.

The last time we visited Ray he had just put out his Bipolar EP which earned him the attention of top-level players in the scene such as party-boy Getter (whom Ray played a few shows with last year). Following that success, “Bermuda” was just released as a free download on Ray’s SoundCloud (yes go cop that shit). The song is a stunning mix of beauty and ugly, featuring aspects of light and dark though this seems to come through in most of Ray’s music. Maybe Ray Volpe is forever struggling with his inner darkness or his Subway addiction.

The song begins with a simple kick and an uplifting arp that takes us to the break. A crying synth whines a melody at us that rises and then keeps rising. The drums begin to build as vocals creep into your ears until we reach the pinnacle and a distorted voice signals the incoming drop. Now all of Ray’s hell is unleashed as growls, stabs of sound and basses hit. Changeups in the melody are flying right by, keeping the movement going and the song interesting. “Bermuda” takes you through the strange lands where you can experience the calm before the storm, and then witness the storm smash everything around you. Ray Volpe is leading the way for that “Heaven and Hell” theme of bass music, blending the heavy with the soft.

Keen to see what Ray delivers next!

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