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Lektrique Talks New Music and Life with Trapstyle

Lektrique has been a consistent name in the music scene for a couple of years from his own productions to helping the hard-hitting Kannibalen Records with Black Tiger Sex Machine. His newest track “Shred” is an electro-destroyer that radiates heavy energy. We wanted to share that track with you and sit down to have a few words with Lektrique himself.

“Shred” features Lektrique’s heavy, grinding saws and deep orchestral bellows that he robustly applies. The track opens with a funky, fidgety beat where upon a blasting guitar melts our faces off with long drawn out chords. A quick build delivers a stomping drum beat and waves of crunch leads and synths. Lektrique put the pedal to the medal and makes this track a deeper journey as a melodic break takes us into the guitar solo. The second drop comes at us and delivers a minimal 4-on-the-floor beat with a more consise array of gritty sounds.

Interview with Lektrique

Q: What are your 3 favourite synths?

A: Harmor, Serum, Sytrus

Q: What are your 3 favourite fx plug-ins?

A: Trash 2 – Quadrafuzz – Vocodex

Q: What is your favourite food on tour?

A: Pho cause it’s the ultimate hangover cure

Q: Who did you listen to when you were growing up?

A: Lots of rock like Limp bizkit, rage against the machine, the offspring… Then I started listening to minimal techno like Booka Shade, Oliver Koletzki, Trentemoller,… around that time i started experimenting with electronic music myself, so I kept exploring different electronic styles.

Q: Who’s better.. Skream or Benga?

A: Skrenga

Q: What’s your favourite thing about being part of one of the best Canadian electronic music labels?

A: Watching all my friends grow and make their dreams come true. Also being able to get my music heard by more people than ever before.

Q: What do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?


Q: Who would you pick if you had to play mario kart right now?

A wild apushi

Q: What’s the craziest thing thats ever happened on tour?

A: Well… I was pretty drunk once and as I was crowd surfing, I lost my cap in the crowd. I saw the dude with my cap, so I took it back. As I got back on stage he tried to steal it again… So I grabbed it as I climb back over the front row fence. I proceed to taunt him with my cap as I’m standing on the subs. I then fell off the subs and hurt myself pretty badly. The guy climbed over to grab the cap but a friends had just taken it before i fell.
My friends later told me it wasn’t my cap.

Q: What was the most fun track to make to this day?

A: Shots fired was a lot of fun. Collabs are usually more fun 🙂

Q: Advice for producers or musicians coming up today?

A: Don’t try to sound like anyone else. Learn the important music production techniques

Q: Bonus Question for BTSM, if possible?

A: Nope, not possible

Q: Well do you know if the guys made music before they joined forces?

A: I’m not btsm, but I know the answer is no :p

Interview Conducted by: Elon Sharar

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