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Take A Ride With Z3RO

Who doesn’t like a having a good song playing in the Car while they drive? You may feel the need to find that perfect jam for your journey and maybe you’re tired of hearing the same track on repeat or having trouble finding something new to listen to, well today we’re here to help you do just that. Allow us to introduce your audio copilot Z3RO.

Z3RO, a fellow DMV native hailing from Baltimore, Maryland delivers his first Future Bass release and first Trapstyle release via our “Prime” channel with his latest track “2AM Car Vibes.” Staying true to its title the track provides the perfect vibe to cruise to, especially around the 2AM time of night with the streetlights glancing off the hood of your car as both it and the song transport you to your destination. With its warm melodic sounds & well structured build the song encompasses you, taking you on a trip of its own during your travels.

“2AM Car Vibes” is a clean ride from front to back and although you may not be familiar with Z3RO he showcases the music talent and theory of your favorite veterans with this track. Immediately taking you in with an intro crash at the top of the song, synths and stuttered keys begin to fade in encompassing you in their warm sounds. A vox tastefully sprinkled in catches your ear as a smooth riser lifts you up and lets you fall gracefully to the a drop catching you comfortably in more warm and bright melodies accompanied by punchy percussion pushing, pulling and guiding you just the right way through your journey.

With minimal percussion and total number of sounds in the whole track Z3RO showcases his veteran-like skills and still delivers a full sound that surrounds your in a melodic trip of its own as you travel. With just the right amount of every sound used “2AM Car Vibes” is the perfect new go to track to choose when you cruise.

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