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STR!X – Affliction [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Dubstep has been making a huge rise in popularity since a minor decline a few years ago and due mostly in part to the growing success of fresh and up and coming producers like STR!X. STR!X has attended multiple production schools to hone his skills and with tunes like “Affliction” it shows.

This new Riddim banger is raw as fuck and hits like a drunken step dad. Out now for free on the progressive Riddim Network channel, “Affliction” is a cool new take on how to lay down some American bass music. Though it’s only a short 2 minutes, STR!X gets his point across quickly and concisely.

“Affliction” takes off with a ominous blast of bass and horns while a dark arp chimes along in the background. Short blurps of the impending wobbles echo through to tease the sure-to-come slaughter. With nothing less for a buildup than some white noise and an accusatory vocal signaling the savage bass that is delivered. A tortured scream injects itself into your ears to the beat, wavering back and forth. A quick change up gives us chunky bass hits that blow up explode underneath while the synth hits are varied. A short break gives us air until a question of “Did you see that?” brings us the final drop where the melody switchup can only be defined as shwifty. Wonky hits fly around our sonic grasp until the song finishes with a quick stop.

STR!X is one to look out for in the future forsure. This kid is going to be making some noise very soon with the promise of tunes like “Affliction”.

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