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Swage Takes On Zeds Dead [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Remixes can be either wonderful or a waste of time (how many Purple Lamborghini remixes are out there?) but of course we’re not here to show you garbage.

Swage has been on the rise for the last year or two making his way up the musical ladder with big bass house tracks and funky sets. His newest tune is a remix of the classic Zeds Dead “Hit Me”. For those of you who recall the energy of the original, you know that remixing an already legendary tune is kind of worrisome but Swage knocked it out of the park.

The track takes off with a chunky house beat and a flutter of sounds rising up. We hear Swage’s take on the throwback sounds from the original melody as a haunting chime rings through. The vocals moan underneath, the “ooohoooohhooo” tingles your ears. The track builds with snappy percussion to the scream of “Hit Me” and Swage unleashes an electro blast from the past. The synth grinds away as growls stab into the track, different wobs fly around as the remixed melody plays in the background. This tune screams “Make Electro Great Again” as heavy square waves smash through the speakers and the beat fidgets around. Grab this track as a free download off of Swage’s secret-stash-SoundCloud.

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