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Ray Volpe Goes Stellar With Outerworld

Young Ray Volpe. The kid from North Carolina who can’t stop laying down tracks that permeate through out the dubstep world, resignating with beautiful vocals and destructive noise. With a computer and an obsession with a certain footlong-sandwich-making-company, Ray has been taking the US by storm with his relentless brand of melodic dubstep that features a sharp array of sound design and heavy bass. His latest release “Outerworld” fits perfectly in this category.

Our stellar ride through galactic bass begins with a blast of sound, a warping harmonic and Ray Volpe’s own voice singing “I’m not from this world”. An arpeggiated synth twinkles in the air as a beat comes into play where we get the euphoric feeling of being somewhere else. A break gives us a chance to hear Ray belt his lyrics while we can hear the energy begin to build behind him as drum hits pick up speed. At the peak Ray let his inner troll out with a robotic growl of “Volpetron drop it!” and we are hit with a barrage of bass as a skanking lead smacks us in the face. The track bends it’s way through space and time as the beat holds the center of gravity. The sound design twists up and down to provide fresh frequencies for our ears. Ray’s words float in and out of the track, getting ripped around and warped up and down. “Outerworld” is definitely one of Ray Volpe’s signature storylike tracks that seem to take you from the seat of your chair or from the dancefloor to the depths of whatever this Universe may hold.

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