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Trapstyle’s Weekly Roundup Vol.19

Our weekly roundup has returned! Trapstyle readers, we are proud to present the 19th edition of our popular weekly roundup series. This installment features the freshest batch of releases via our Prime channel. With releases from Super Exotic, BunnFace, GDLK, MHU, ELEX, SixxSpeed and Zenon we touch multiple ends of the genre spectrum and cross multiple styles in these sound bending hybrid set of releases. We hope you enjoyed these tracks as much as we did when finding them, et us know which ones were your favorites on twitter @trapstylebass. We’ll be back next week with our next fresh batch of tracks for another weekly roundup.

Zenon – Keep It

Zenon threw down a percussive explosion of trap-happy beats and a funky tune to dance to.

Super Exotic – Revalation

Revalation is Super Exotic’s psychadelic bass tune that wreaks of cool sound design and has a solid flow.

Bunnface – Error

We got a super bouncy glitch hop track that speaks in bass tongues and uses old school Windows software sound bytes.

GDLK – Fallout

Fallout is a dubstep-hardstyle crossover feel track that delivers heavy bass with a beat that doesn’t let up.

MHU – Cutter

MHU laid down this ominous trap beat with no regard for for people’s face as this track is just raw.

ELEX – Kodak

Kodak from Elex finishes the week off with a glitchy and minimalistic trap banger that screams in your face.

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