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BIZZAR Storms The Musical Castle

When you swim in the grey, oversaturated ocean that is the electronic music scene for so long you come to find that there are fewer and fewer unique producers on the come up. Luckily when I heard BIZZAR’s first ever release I almost ruined my pants with excitement.

BIZZAR walked into the gladiator ring with naught but his first release “Castle” and instantly became a new favorite artist of mine. This dude has got some pure, unadulterated, emotional music that pushes the boundaries of sound. The track opens with simple static and a quiet piano melody accompanied by a man and woman having a conversation. The piano’s clarity rises and the song delivers the most moving array of chords and atmosphere. The kick is low, the snare thin; a simplistic back and forth with a soft shaker as the only percussion. The bass rolls along underneath, wavering up and down. “Castle” is the track that plays in the background of your journey to the next life, leaving everything behind. BIZZAR is here to make you think and feel which is arguably lacking in the world of electronic music currently.