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Thrillho & Unzar – TMA (TSAU001)

Ok first things first, if you haven’t already heard of Thrillho, you need to hear his “Mura Masa – Lotus Eater” flip. Tackling such a  genre staple can be risky business, as with all defining classics there are so many ways you can mess it up. Check it out here;

Now, pay particular attention to the second drop and your ears will tell you that this kid is on the raw talent side of the fence. He seems to have such a grasp on arpeggiated chord progressions that he’s able to add complexity and flavour to an already tasty dish without overcomplicating the flavours. Now that the scene is set – let’s take a look at his first original collaboration with fellow Adelaidean unzar.

What I’d like you to focus on is his innate ability to add a kind of retro VHS tape vibe with a future kawaii swing. Remember that super whack movie Ryan Gosling did as a follow up to ‘Drive’? It’s called ‘God Only Forgives’. The first few words that pop into mind when I think of this film are grit, emotion and nostalgia – closely followed by cinematography, soundtrack and lighting. The contrast of red and blue glowing lights in alleyways bleeding seamlessly into the dark and moody soundtrack are thanks mostly to 2016’s Composer of the Year: Cliff Martinez, who worked on both aforementioned films.

The reason I’m talking about Cliff Martinez is this Thrillho kid just has a way of giving his music the kind of vibe you’d expect to hear in these kind of soundtracks, and thats a notable achievement. It’s not everyday I’d compare a kid from Adelaide with a few hundred likes on Facebook to 2016’s composer of the year, yet here I am talking about them both.

If a certain piece of music reminds you of cinema, landscape, emotion or anything at all, that tends to mean it’s creator has the discipline to lead listeners on a journey, rather than just laying down samples with no vision or overall objective. You can explain it a thousand different ways but at the end of the day when someone sends me a track it’s pretty rare it will end up in my crate. If you couldn’t already tell, this ones safely tucked away.

Now, lets talk business, and by business I mean vocals. All I’m going to say is how many vocals could Thrilly chop if Thrilly could chop wood… And by wood I mean vocals. Did I mention chops? Anyway, apparently this kid got ‘em. Beef, lamb, pork chops… Melodically they be sizzlin’ like a George Foreman and I think he borrowed the grill from an exotic lil’ honey by the name of Watermelondrea.

The vocal work here may not be everyones cup of tea, but i’ll be honest, he chops like a samurai and the kick hits like a shogun knockin’ at your front door. When Thrillho gets down the whole kimono kitted crew are up in Kyoto at the Litty McTitty tea ceremony and the mother fucker will be at max cap.

Check out thrillho & unzar – TMA here;

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