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NiGHTS Has Solidified Themselves with “IRREPLACEABLE”

Wonder, beauty, sadness, longing for. All these elements are brought forth by NiGHTS’ newest release “IRREPLACEABLE”. These boys are slaying what the kids these days call “the feels”.

Our journey through sound begins with a shimmer of frequencies. A voice beckons us forward through the mist as a simple snap leads into a chill beat. Echoing ambient noise fades in and out while the minimal kick/snap beat marches forward. After a break to ponder our throughts, snares pan around our head as energy picks up ever so slightly. NiGHTS delivers a chill melody using vocal cuts that move up and down while a hovering, futuristic synth jumps in and out of the beat. With R&B soul mixing with the pop influences that play throughout the tune, “IRREPLACEABLE” clicks with your innermost lover. The track is available for free download off of NiGHTS’ soundcloud and as always scope the tune out below!

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