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BIZZAR Hypnotizes with “False Pretenses”

Having recently been introduced to BIZZAR and his music, I’m quickly becoming a huge fan. With the emotions my existence went through after hearing “Castle”, I was ecstatic upon seeing a fresh upload on BIZZAR’s page.

The track “False Pretenses” falls in line with the style BIZZAR is trying to push; forward-thinking, post-edm with R&B vibes and downtempo flavors. The track begins with a trickle of water creating the energy and a plucky melody setting the mood. Moans from a soft voice fizzle through the foreground as the oncoming beat slowly rises up. We are greeted by a chill beat, and a melancholy melody using the previous plucks, vocals that are twisted and tormented, a rolling bass and a funky guitar providing some back bone. I haven’t felt this moved by an artist since Glass Animals and as a self proclaimed dubstep-lord, it’s amazing to get a sense of calm from music such as BIZZAR’s.

Grab this track as a free download from BIZZAR HERE and stay up to date with his music below.