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A Personal Article Reviewing My Past and Current Outlooks on The Electronic Music Industry


I am not an electronic music expert, nor will I ever claim to be one. I have come across many, many other individuals since being involved in this scene who know much more than I do. A lot of them didn’t have to take over a year off to get their lives together either. They’ve been crushing it every day since the moment they said “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life: write articles, produce music, sing on tracks, produce an album, manage this duo, tour the world, let my voice be heard” and whatever other awesome journeys I have seen people embark on. I am not being sarcastic here. All of those careers are epic, and I am extremely proud of everyone who is able to pursue their personal happiness.

But that doesn’t mean I had completely tuned out electronic music whilst going through the merry highs and lows of screamingly unadulterated adulting adulthood. Fun! But I have always been paying attention to the drama, the new business decisions people made, the new adventures many artists started, breakups, makeups, and above all how far a lot of my good friends have come since the last article I wrote. Trust me, I am not alone in the adulting department either. I am extremely thankful for the lessons life teaches us all the time. It’s how we are molded as artists, and what moves us to create the masterpieces that we make.

How It Was

This is a review of how I started looking through these neon colored lenses a lot of us put on when we first jump into this music industry. I have never actually voiced an opinion like this through my previous blog writings at my prior writing job. I wanted my first article here with Trapstyle to really come from my heart. I wanted to write from my soul, so I could feel the same fire and passion about music and this business that I used to feel. I am sorry if that seems a little selfish, and if you don’t like what I have to say it’s fine. I’m not really about people pleasing lately. I just wanted to feel inspired again.

When I first started listening to electronic music it was 2013 after my very first EDM event and festival, Hard Summer 2013. I of course had been into Bassnectar, Crystal Castles, MGMT, and other artists before my first actual festival. But it wasn’t until this event occurred that I found out it was going to be everything I had wanted for my entire existence. It happened the way I am sure it did for a lot of people. A giant (and I mean giant) party with close friends, aka your tribe, memories to be made, SO MANY genres of music flowing through you as you ran and danced from stage to stage, and that closing set that made your heart melt with joy. I will never forget going back to the hotel after the second day ended. I lay there with my friends trying to sleep and come down from the enormous energy high I was on, and I cried. Like hard. I couldn’t believe the best weekend of my life thus far was over. Little did I know it was only a beginning.

We Are All Artists

I have definitely learned there are more than just DJs and producers who make up this business. Vocalists, tour managers, lighting gurus, stage hands and managers, promotion teams, photographers, production offices, graphic designers, blog writers, day to day managers, business managers, web developers, sound engineers, festival clean up crews, security teams, videographers, event creators and masterminds, YouTube Channel masters, police officers for kandi, vendors, clothing brands, Soundcloud collectives, Spotify playlist makers, true blue musicians, ravers, elitists, hippies, fans, dreamers, doers, and many more paths people take I can’t imagine at the moment. We are all connected to make the lives that we have come to want and need to make us happy. Do what you love and you never work a day in your life, right? Art does take some serious work though. Anything in life worth having is not easy to get. But without this music, I am very sure I would not have chosen to become a writer. Without my reviews, some artists may not have chosen to keep creating the energy to keep making their music. We all help one another succeed. We need one another to keep this industry thriving and growing. Sharing our lives with one another is so important. And that leads up to my next point.

We Are All Together

View social media the way you want to. I know I have hated it lately. But that’s more-so my fault, because of how negative I have been since that wonderful day over a year ago when I decided to take a break from the writing because I “couldn’t keep up anymore” (yawn). But think about it, it’s kind of exhausting right? I know in the past four years it’s definitely blown up, much like the proverbial “EDM Bubble” people have mentioned in group chats and whispers among their colleagues. The constant itch to check your phone for updates, to see who’s posted a new song, who’s Snapchat is so lit right now, who posted 15,000 clips from that cruise festival, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and back again. Oh my goodness I sound like I am talking about the Middle Earth of the electronic realm or something. There and Back Again: An Electronic Social Media Adventure by Paige Endykiewicz. Just kidding guys. But I don’t think it’s a beast. At least, not completely.

Lets be honest with ourselves here. As much as all of the fire memes, the video clips, the adds, the torment of someone reading your message and you seeing them not reply to you even though they saw the damn message 23 hours ago, the crazy creepy comments, the Facebook group debate threads, the “Yo check my Soundcloud” tag lines, the fake Instagram accounts, the guy who called you some name that one time, the girl who totally ignored your Snapchat post, that dude who bought followers and the articles that really, really got it wrong (or right, and you just can’t stand it) REALLY REALLY GET AGGRAVATING (on top of all of the other social media BS we see all the time that’s not EDM related), we would not have an industry without these tools. These are tools people! Use them to your advantage and stop hating on them! YOU are the one in control if you are being a zombie online or not. If you need to tune out to go make music or art or make plans or build an event from scratch, that’s totally fine too.

Point is, we need the internet to come together. We need to sync so others can sync and so on. I can’t elaborate further on how important CONNECTION is right now. Look at all of the sadness and pain and suffering in the world. We were in the dark ages without technology, and we didn’t even know what was going on in places not so far away from us. Now, we can see everything. And we as humans can choose to look up from the laptop or the Ipad or the cell phone and see everything too. Through social media, we can develope networking opportunities and create massive followings through mere clicks and finger tip blips. You can have a manager in Florida, your tour manager in New York, your photographer in Texas, a promotion company in Arizona, and make music and have friends in LA. It’s truly amazing how far we have been able to come thanks to technological advancement.

To Conclude

Life is but a dream folks, and here we are basking in it. The glory of putting on events, managing amazing talent, writing music, painting pictures of ourselves as we all dream to become. We manifest our destinies every moment we decide to not settle for a life that’s so-so. It’s all a process though. You can’t let it eat you up heart and soul like I did. You have to pace yourself. Time management is so important, and as someone who prided herself on that  I say this: if you don’t do for yourself first, you will not be able to do for others. The industry was the death of me for a while, or so I thought. That relevancy factor and the “I can’t do this anymore, no one sees me” pity party I was throwing made me cave in and lose the person I had always wanted to be. Someone who could develop relationships with others through online interaction, so I could help artists follow their passions. I lost myself in a sea of worrying about what everyone else thought of me. Don’t be that person. Be you, through and through and you will have everything your heart desires. I am not an electronic music expert, nor do I claim to be one.

Thanks for reading.

Photo Credit: Rukes.com