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Loudpack – ÈL J (TSAU002)

According to the Bible, in the beginning God said “Let there be light” and there was light. According to Trap, in the beginning Boi-1da and Lex Luger said “Let there be clap and snare” and there was buildups.

“Loudpack” by ÈL J may not break the traditional buildup mould here or rewrite the Trap Bible, but what it does offer is a taste of Dembow, two behemoth drops and a big horn not dissimilar from a super-sized cruise ship hauling 5000 daiquiri drinking coconut oiled grandparents.

Now that we’ve left port, let’s take a look at the first drop. Reminiscent of Flosstradamus stye hard trap, the synth work is definitely pinga inducing. In a live venue you wouldn’t be surprised to be on the receiving end of a flailing trap arm to the mouth. In other words, if ÈL J was performing you wouldn’t want to wear your brand new kicks to the club.

Moving along to the second drop, the ship changes course from east hype east, navigating now at 808 degrees due west ghetto west. Quite notable is the dynamics (the difference between loud and quiet for those just tuning in), vocal stabs and general thug demeanour. Props to ÈL J here for offering something for both hyphy heads and those after a more organic hood anthem.

If you’d like to know more about ÈL J read on for our first Trapstyle Australia exclusive Q&A;

How old are you?
18 years old

Where do you live?
Currently living in Perth, W.A.

What made you decide to start producing?
Tbh everything to do with music and the scene, I’ve always been interested in music, but then one day i just decided to make a move and start creating my own stuff.

Do you use any non-conventional methods or equipment when producing?
No not really I usually just stick to using my midi controllers etc, but I have just been given access to a studio full of analog gear which I’m really keen to put in some of my upcoming tracks.

What should we keep an eye out for in the future / what do you have planned next?
You should keep an eye out for everything I’m doing :wink:. I’ll be working with a lot of dope people and putting some vocalist on my tracks which I’m excited about, also I have a couple of gigs coming up which you should keep an eye out for and just releasing some good music in general.

What kind of sound do you want to develop/have you developed?
I’m in the works of finding a style/sound that I really like, but for now I’m experimenting with a lot of things and really trying to find my own style in the music I’m making.

Are you studying/doing anything music related at the moment?
I’ve recently started studying a Diploma of Music/Studio Production which is going good so far, so hopefully I can gain some good music knowledge from it.

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