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Marco B Presents His Rendition of “Oasis” by Adara

I will admit that I was a bit skeptical before I listened to Marco B’s remix. I had never heard of Adara number one, and number two I had not ever heard anything by Marco B before. But, I am someone who likes to be on the hunt for good music. And I have been hiding under a rock lately. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and my doubts were banished after listening. And now it’s a track I have listened to multiple times. This was a valuable lesson to always have an open heart to new musical territory.

The track begins with Adara’s beautiful vocals and a slow lovely melody. I like that the track is a bit of a slower version, because it enhances the sensual qualities of the voice and really gives your ears something to indulge upon. This rendition really reminds me a lot of Ellie Goulding’s songs off of her Lights album. It’s passionate, melodic, and keeps you on your toes for the changes in rhythm in the drops. I truly believe Marco B knows how to catch an audience and this remix is one everyone should listen to. It’s so dreamy and enchanting, and I am very excited to see where else he will go with his talents.

Adara has an amazing voice and I can see her personality in my mind when I hear her sing. Thank you Marco B for capturing her original and transforming it into a lovely piece of art. Be sure to check out the other two remixes on the “Oasis Remix EP” on Spotify by Estiva and Sinego. They are also very gorgeous songs for you to feast your ears upon.

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