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CHEE – Speak With Eyes And See In Tongues

Years spent in isolation have caused a flurry of unique bass sounds to emanate from South Africa. Bubbling under the radar of the local mainstream, and a lack of direct influence from Northern Hemisphere tastemakers have resulted in interesting approaches to creating bass heavy dance music.

One of the producers at the cutting edge of South Africa’s rapidly solidifying bass scene is CHEE.

CHEE has a fresh take on sound design and a refreshing approach to production, with a constant need to push boundaries and limits. It is fitting to say that CHEE is one of the leaders of the Bass movement in South Africa, with many producers viewing him as an influence and following his lead in their compositions.

CHEE has received notable and continuous support from NOISIA, Buygore, Type91, UKF and much more, culminating in an upload on UKF with his track GET HOT with Noclu.

Recently, Halftime has emerged as a new point of focus in South African bass culture; a mash-up of drum and bass, hip hop, trap and trap step, it’s

Artists such as Phizicist, Yung Frankenstein, MRDK, Mew Zu, HAEZER, Jon Casey are taking it to the next level alongside CHEE in growing the genre into a worldwide sound.

The dynamic and eccentric sound of “Speak With Eyes and See In Tongues” showcases CHEE’s exceptional range as a producer. The simple drum pattern compliments the complexity of the bass and provides structure to the track with its unusual rhythm.

The intro creates a dark atmosphere infused with off-setting glitching vocals followed by a massive halftime drop. The bass is rich and full and is places as the focal point of the track. In the break, we are given a brief breather before an even harder bass rushes in pushing the track to its utmost sonic limits.

We are proud to present CHEE – Speak With Eyes And See In Tongues for free download!

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Written by:

Francois Swart
Matthew Prins
Andriques Petersen