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Kinetik Groove Defines Space Bass

There seems to have always been different clicks in the music world associated by styles. Even in bass music you have brosteppers, riddim kids, and wooks. Our next artist probably gets more love from the psychedelic fan base than anything.

Kinetic Groove low key has been dropping an array of well crafted tunes that take you on a journey through the depths of sound. The newest track up on the cloud, “Space Lobster” provides the soundtrack for your pet lobster to get lost in the sauce.

We begin the path of bass with a funky intro using some slapping horns and a weird wobble. The vibes are deep and melodic as vocal chops and happy synths prance around. A vocal sample from a song that will tell you how old I am if you can recognize it builds in the background as a simple snare snaps our attention to the drop. We are met with a plethora of fiendish sounds attacking our ear drums from all directions. Wobbles, bleeps, bloops, and all kinds of noises frolic around. A changeup melody is delivered with a little more force from the sound design as neuro-basslines flex their might to move the track along. Kinetik Groove is going to be a recognizable name across the circuit if tracks like this continue to pour out of his studio.

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