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Awoltalk Delivers Golden Remix of “Gold” by Max Styler

Like many great Future Bass songs, Gold by Max Styler blurs the line between Future and Trap. With help from producer Devault, the reminiscence of the 808 bass and drum patterns add a hardness to the euphoric theme provided by vocals from Luciana. It gives a powerful Future Bass experience while also whetting one’s appetite for Trap.

As if to answer this call, Awoltalk delivers the full heavy Trap rendition of this work with his new remix.

This track makes it known from the start that this is a change of tone from the original. You are well prepared when the new unfamiliar melodies of the drop seep in, louder with each snare hit of the buildup.

The main event of this drop is a call and response act between 2 different vox style synths. There’s the richer, higher pitched synth that calls with lush and commanding tones. In response there is the grittier low frequency synth that growls right. All of this is above an intense drum line and incredibly clean 808s. It maintains its playfulness while delivering an incredibly heavy and gritty Trap experience. The song itself has to come up for air midway through the drop before coming back down even more powerfully with a revamped iteration of the first higher pitched synth.

With 2 bouts of this synthetic shouting match, it’s impossible to leave this track with your taste for heavy bass and gritty synths unsatisfied. This track is not only a great track itself but a great companion piece to the original.

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