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Not Yr Babe Is On A Mission And Here’s Why

Not your babe.

Not your girl, sweetie, honey. Not Yr Babe, a Philadelphia based collective, seeks to rebrand the image of women in EDM.

NYB founder and producer Ashley Burkart, aka ABUR, started Not Yr Babe as a way for female-identifying producers to connect. Noticing a lack of such producers in the Philadelphia scene, Burkart started the collective not as a group, but as a simple way for producers to link up. Only a short time after NYB’s founding, Burkart and friend Megan Kaulfer were booking shows and fundraisers showcasing local artists. Not Yr Babe successfully kicked off with a Ke$ha themed fundraiser for domestic violence victims in February.

NYB founder ABUR (left) with QRTR. (Photo credit: Shannon Smith)

In April, Burkart pulled together the first ever official artist showcase for Not Yr Babe. The showcase was hosted at Williams Street Commons in Philadelphia, PA. The show featured Newark, NJ based producer Uniiqu3, as well as local and regional artists GypZ, Risik, Egia, and ABUR herself. NYC producer QRTR showed up for a surprise b2b with ABUR as well. The crew provided a wide range of genres, including future bass, house, dubstep, and a great jersey club mix by Uniiqu3.

With already rapid growth, Not Yr Babe is bringing together female-identifying producers for thrilling performances, potential collaborations, and much more. Female talent is emerging in electronic music, and it couldn’t be more exciting.

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