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Luca Lush Releases Cleanest Track Yet With ‘0 BB’

If you’ve heard Luca Lush before, you’re used to a certain sound from the remixing mastermind. The style can vary for from Future Bass to Trap, but you can expect the sound of vibrant and lush reverberating synths to be found. Luca’s traditional strength comes from the power of his rich and effect-packed synths. His newest track ‘0 BB’ then comes as a pleasant surprise for all of his fans.

Luca Lush’s cleanest track to date, ‘0 BB’ packs a powerful punch.

Now that’s not to say we don’t love Luca Lush’s vibrant flowing synths that he’s used to. Those are great, and continue to be Luca’s style. But never before have we heard such clean sharpness from the artist. This 4-on-the-floor Mid Tempo juggernaut utilizes simple and precise wobbles and growls to deliver its power. Channeling a Dillon Francis-like vibe, this track is full of energy that can be most felt in the small clean breaks of pin-drop silence within each drop. This filthy festival banger will have Luca more than prepared to wreak havoc this festival season.

You can stream the track and download it for free here:

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