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Point.Blank – The Money Ep

Point.Blank has done it yet again! Coming from the boys created an amazing five track ep that inquires their own unique style. Point.Blank is pioneering   their own style of dubstep that is Hip-hop based intro, and then leading to a grueling drop that makes you want to “Womp”. The name of these five songs are as follows; Drug Deals, Money, OG, Skurrrrrt, and Swerve.

The first track “Drug Deals” starts with a very dark ambiance that makes the listener feel like their in a haunted house. Then the song leadings into a Dubstep influenced drum beat. This song is like the icing on the cake for the ep. The drop is very heavy and gives it the final “bang”. The track has many unique aspects to it such has the sound design for the synth’s, and the ambiance’s used.

The next song up is “Money”. This three minute and thirty second track starts with a beautiful bell lead. After that it goes into a heavy influenced Hip-hop beat. This track then leads a over exciting build up that drops into a drop that is heavily dub influenced. The song is a perfect intro to a Ep, catching the peoples eye and making us want to listen to more!

The third track is called “OG”. You could say these boys killed this track. Starting very light and enjoyable pluck lead in the beginning. The drop is extremely grime almost making the listener want to mean mug the screen. This song is obviously riddim influenced. The only exception is that it is very versatile from the normal repeating sixteen bar wobble bass. They incorporated many intricate aspects that is easy notice.

Following “OG” is a tune is called “Skurrrrrt”. This track starts with a very catchy beat that entices its listeners to rock their head back and forth. While the track progresses it only gets better and better. The drop consists of an even heavier drop than all the others. The sound design on this track is extremely unique nothing that we have ever heard.

The final track is called “Swerve”. Starting with a lean with it, rock with it type of beat its already eye catching. This track quickly goes into a deep dubstep drop. The drop is unique and has a very deep dubstep feel to it. This track makes the listener feel like they’re in a video game fighting a boss in a video game!

This Ep is available for purchase on Itunes for the low price of 3.99 check it out HERE!

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