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Oshi and Sober Rob Collaborate on… A Riddim Banger?

Oshi and Sober Rob are two incredibly talented artists. Oshi’s style of hip hop instrumentals under playful melodies and Rob’s similar style with a slightly heavier and more distinctly Future Bass sound to it came together once before in a track called ‘Lost‘. ‘Lost’ has a hard hitting drum line, but it plays under a very light medley of synths. It really is quite a relaxing track, a good one to listen to while you’re just chilling.

So if you ever told me that Oshi and Sober Rob were going to make a Dubstep track, I would laugh directly in your face. In fact, when Oshi tweeted out that they were coming out with a Dubstep track, I laughed knowing that it had to be Oshi being the hilarious personality he is on twitter.

Not for a second did I believe that this could be true. I mean come on. Between the 2 artist’s catalogues, there are approximately 0 dubstep songs. Not one. And with a companion tweet like this:

all indicators pointed to this just being more of Oshi’s Twitter antics.

I woke up Sunday morning to this:

Yeah. So, not only did Oshi and Sober Rob collaborate on a Dubstep song,  but they collaborated on a Riddim song. However, once you stop laughing at the sheer absurdity of everything about the existence of this song, you slowly realize with every hit of the punchy kick and snare that this song is actually a banger. From the sharp grimy wobbles over a guiding oscillating synth of the first drop, to the more proactive and funky bass of the second drop, this project proves itself as way more than simple twitter antics, but as a legitimate track that truly slaps. With the iconic ‘Knuck If You Buck‘ sample serving as a cherry on top (honestly both comically and musically), ‘lazer buck’ is the best song that’s existence doesn’t make sense, and I will be jamming to it for a while.

And, yes, I did follow ‘oshi and sober rob’s dubstep duo‘ just in case, and you should too.

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