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RL Grime Returns With New Future Bass Release

In the past few years and especially with the release of his debut album Void, RL Grime has become one of the biggest names in trap music.  However, more recently he’s been exploring a bit past the boundaries of trap and into future bass, which has now become one of the most widely recognizable genres in EDM, to the point where much of pop music is now taking influence from it.  His latest work under the genre is a new single called “Reims” which has certainly satiated his fanbase’s desire for something new.

A fully instrumental track with the exception of some vocal chops, “Reims” may not be RL Grime’s strongest hit or the biggest experimentation in future bass, but it’s no doubt still going to be another success for him.  The title refers to a city in France that’s generally considered the champagne capital of the world, and the gated synths in the intro of the song certainly hint at a mellow but almost cinematic feel that could be thought of as vaguely reminiscent of champagne.  The synths build up to a classic but powerful future bass supersaw drop, which is surrounded by vocal chops that change in pitch for the drop’s second half.  After the first drop, the song fades into an even more mellow and downtempo break, followed by the drop once more and an outro of the same gated synths it began with.

The song is set to be released on RL Grime’s next album, and is available to stream below:

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