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Graves Unveils Debut EP, Atmospheric and Emotionally Heavy ‘Hilo’

Graves has always been able to deliver with cleanly produced hard hitting tracks, highlighted by impressive command over the atmosphere. They deliver the Trap experience that all bassheads want, while remaining remarkably conscious of their tone and mood. Because of this, within each Graves track there is always a feeling of them being more than just the bangers that they are. The hard hitting trap beats have always been the crux of his work, with the atmosphere being the cherry on top helping Graves stand out.

Graves New EP ‘Hilo’ Flips The Dynamic of His Production Style.

In comes the 6 track EP ‘Hilo’. The crux of this EP is undoubtedly the power of it’s emotive melodies and vivid atmosphere. You immediately understand that this won’t be just another EDM EP in the titular track ‘Hilo’ with Boombox Cartel. Now, it’s not that this song doesn’t go hard, it absolutely does. Cleanly produced and bass heavy, this track is ready to compete with any other banger for a spot in your set. But you can tell that it’s not the focus of track. At the center of this piece lies the emotive power of the beautiful synthetic melody. The legato-heavy string-like synths seem almost to speak directly to your heart. And impressively through all of the energy of the track, Graves and Boombox Cartel are able to deliver a somber mood with their production.

This atmosphere persists throughout the course of the EP.

This somber mood carries over through every track and serves as the theme of the EP. Whether it be through the rawness in the vocal sample serving as the lead synth in ‘Let Me Go’ (featuring Aviella and Lil Traffic), or the dark vibes of the piano and pad combination of  one-drop ballad ‘Blame’ (featuring LocateEmilio), the somber energy is ever-present in your journey through the EP. Meanwhile, even in the tracks ‘Genesis’ and ‘Meta’ (featuring BBNO$) which favor Graves hard hitting production style, the somber elements of the EP remain consistent.

‘Need You’ (featuring Rayless and Mitch Geist) rounds out the EP featuring a first drop containing the most balanced focus between atmosphere and its heavy hitting beat, and then a second drop containing the most powerful ambience on the entire EP. It drives the point which this entire EP serves to prove. This EP proves Graves ability to work equally effectively whether he is focusing on making a festival hit or an incredibly emotive somber track. And he is able to focus on one without sacrificing the power of the other in his tracks. This gives Graves a staying power that guarantees we won’t be letting him go any time soon.

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