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Scandroid Drops New Star Wars Themed Single

Scandroid has begun to gain more attention this year, especially with the release of his remixed album “Dreams of Neo-Tokyo.”  However, he released a new single the other day which has already become his number one song on iTunes: “The Force Theme.”  The song includes melodies familiar to any Star Wars fan, focusing primarily on the “Binary Sunset” theme but also incorporating the even more recognizable main title sequence melody.  Combining John Williams’ powerful orchestral music with the electronic, almost robotic feel of synthwave is a somewhat unexpected move.  However, the track brings the two different vibes together well, and with all the droids and futuristic themes in Star Wars, it was an appropriate choice over the many themes John Williams is known for.

Scandroid is the synthwave project of Klayton, who is simultaneously going by his much more well known alias Celldweller.  In recent years, synthwave has been making a comeback from what it started as in the mid 2000s, and takes inspiration from 1980s video games and movies.  With “The Force Theme,” Klayton will likely be bringing not only his Scandroid project greater acclaim, but the world and culture of synthwave as well.  The track currently ranks 24 on the iTunes electronic chart above hits by Illenium and ODESZA and even Porter Robinson and Madeon’s collaboration “Shelter,” and is available to stream below: