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HEKLER Drops Massive Trap Banger ‘MEGALINK’

When it comes to HEKLER, the only thing you can know for sure that you’re gonna get is top level sound design, and all the bass you could ever ask for. We’ve reported on HEKLER twice before, both on his collaborative EP with WHIPPED CREAM and on his single with Lemay. Both were Trap and Bass inspired, and both had next level sound design. But the sound of each work is entirely different. And that is true of all of HEKLER’s works, where the most common theme is ironically how unique each track is in its own right.

HEKLER continues this trend with his newest hit, ‘MEGALINK’.

‘MEGALINK’, released as the first song on the compilation Fresh Bloods Volume 2, is a titan of a track. The main ingredient of this song comes in the form of a massive Dubstep hoover synth that would tear up any festival. Sitting right under that synth is a heavy bass that fills the track out. The drums are simple and clean, giving the main synth all the room it needs to create carnage. Just in case you had not lost your mind the moment the drop hits, an airy vocal chop comes just a quarter of the way through to create an undeniably wild dynamic.

The one area where HEKLER’s latest work differs from the rest of his is in its uniqueness. It has a considerable resemblance to SLANDER and YOOKiE‘s massive hit ‘AFTER ALL‘. HEKLER’s work does take on a more Dubstep-inspired style, and HEKLER certainly plays with the limits of his synth more than SLANDER and YOOKiE did with theirs. It can be argued as well that HEKLER’s sound design is more robust than the sound design on ‘AFTER ALL’.

‘MEGALINK’ is no doubt the cleanest production we’ve gotten from the up-and-coming artist. Including his EP release, this comes as the 8th track HEKLER has released in a little under a month. He shows no signs of slowing down, neither in improvement nor in his output of tracks. Do not let the fact that he has just shy of 5,000 followers deceive you. HEKLER is due to tear up the scene in the near future. And tracks like ‘MEGALINK’ will allow him to tear up festival season and secure his spot in the scene.

You can stream the track and the full Fresh Blood Volume 2 compilation here:

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