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CHOMPA – Droidz (TSAU005)

Another track fresh off the press here at Trapstyle Australia, and this one comes from 24-year-old Perth guru Richard Tielemans, better known as CHOMPA.

Now this certainly isn’t Richard’s first rodeo. CHOMPA, formerly known as Skywalker Richard, has had a plethora of past releases, most notably of these being bass music heavyweight Firepower Records, which has amassed 112k plays to date. (Listen to CHOMPA’s Firepower release here)

So, getting down to business. With a name like CHOMPA you can take a fair punt at what the sound will be before you listen to the music, but Droidz caught me off guard and really wasn’t the heavy sound I was expecting. This hybrid trap tune starts out with a real melodic intro and crisp, defining drums, before building to a drop that leaves you with no question about where the name Droidz came from. But from here, I’m going to let the music do the talking.



Follow CHOMPA: 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chompa_aus

Facebook: https://facebook.com/CHOMPAAAA

Interested to know a little more about CHOMPA? Check out our Q&A below.

Trapstyle: How did you get into producing bass music?

RT: I’ve always been a huge fan of dubstep and other electronic music, about 3 years ago I thought to myself, “why not try to make the stuff”. So I downloaded Ableton and the dopest Vengence packs and started learning the ways. After many months of trial and error I finally made my first track! It wasn’t great but it got me the urge to learn it more.

Trapstyle: Are there any unique methods you use in your production?

RT: I enjoy resampling and coming up with new ways to manipulate sounds.

Trapstyle: What kind of sound inspires you? How do you want to develop your sound design?

RT: I want to have real punchy drums like Spag Heddy/Zomboy and get my mix downs top notch, I haven’t reached that level yet but hopefully I will in the future.

Trapstyle: How do you keep yourself busy outside of music?

RT: I’m working full time as a boilermaker so I only do music part time.

Trapstyle: What’s next for CHOMPA?

RT: I have a release on a big label coming soon! So stay tuned for that one!!