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Snails & Botnek Team Up On New OWSLA Release [Video]

Bass legends Snails & Botnek have joined forces to provide bass heads with and all new electro banger titled “Waffle House” via OWSLA. The unique sound design in this single that features both artists signature sounds and reels in the old school feel of complextro house. Overall creating a masterfully crafted fusion of early 2000s electro and modern bass sounds.

To accompany the track the team created a music video that captures a similar fusion of old and new. Channeling in retro vibes of 90s style cartoons, radioactive food attacks a defenseless town as a s nearby laboratory leak some kind of green fluid. It’s trippy. it’s fun. it’s nostalgic. It’s a masterpiece of music video.

Check out the music video below and grab your copy of “Waffle house” here.