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William Crooks Drops Inspiring LP ‘if i don’t live forever’

Let’s get straight to the point:

William Crooks‘ LP ‘if i don’t live forever’ is more than a song, more than beats, but a work of art. A compilation of 12 works, the album mixes in LoFi styles in such a way that it is distinctly still Hip-Hop while showing a clear consciousness of the current LoFi movement. There is no single mood of the album. It seems to tackle a very wide range of emotions, but carries a sense of nostalgia with it’s vinyl sound.

And it makes sense that it has this air of nostalgia, as the project was based off of Crooks’ feelings about his late father. It is clear that on this LP Crooks stays truer to the Hip-Hop roots he creates from than in any of his other works. Even more so than the LP’s prequel, ‘i’ll see you when i get there’. The difference here may be the difference between Crooks’ drawing on his own nostalgia in the first LP and a sense of nostalgia directly linked to his father in this newest one.

Just as its prequel, this LP comes equipped with a visuals for the entire length of the play, made by mitch muscles. Drawing from all sorts of video media (The Simpsons, Power Rangers, various anime,  the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie, and more) overlapping each other on a staticky screen, the visuals add to the incredibly immersive atmosphere. Every reference is not necessarily nostalgic, but the mitch adds the nostalgia into them with his art style. This LP is not to be listened to, but experienced, and that includes the visuals.

And what a captivating experience it is.

You can find the full experience of ‘if i don’t live forever’ here, or stream the LP on Soundcloud here:

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