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Louis Futon’s latest remix masterpiece samples Frank Ocean

If you thought Louis Futon was done fucking the game up after his delicious remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “PRIDE”, then you were wrong by a long shot. Returning to Facebook, Futon asked his fans which song to sample for his next beat challenge before settling on Frank Ocean’s “Solo” off of Ocean’s most recent LP ‘Blonde’.

Tackling “Solo” would be quite an arduous task for an unprepared musician. Between the heavily moody feel of the track driven by the detuned organ piano, and Frank’s super loose, almost freeform delivery of the lyrics; any hopeful remixers would have their work cut out for them trying to do justice to the original. Louis wasn’t worried though. Detailing the steps of his recipe to success through a video on his Facebook page, he transformed the original into an upbeat, feel-good banger, complete with hip hop drums and a live trumpet ‘solo’ courtesy of Ariel Shrum.

The end is result incredibly impressive: a testament to both Louis Futon’s musical ability & engineering skill, and his curator sense; picking an awesome song to deliver this crazy left-field flip to.

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