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Chime Releases Melodic Banger “Starstorm” [Free Download]

Chime is a name that is on a consistent rise. With over 800k streams to date he continually raises the bar for himself and other bass artists. With three releases in the pass 30 days this 22 year old producer is making huge waves going into the summer season. He has shown time and time again that he isn;t not limited by bpm, genre, style, sound, etc. as he shatters each wall as he approaches it.

His newest single “Starstorm” is a mega-melodic track. Quite possibly the biggest tune I’ve heard this year. This huge melodic dubstep track stars with a dreamy into that leaves so much room to grow. and grow it does. The intro is short and sweet and gives way to phrase that shows what this track has in store before breaking out into a beautifully breathy breakdown. This breakdown builds to an drop that oozes energy and begs for attention. Never giving up an ounce of energy this song is an absolute must hear. Check out the stream below, grab your FREE DOWNLOAD and follow chime here for more music.