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Buygore Presents : Fresh Blood – Volume Two.

17 artists/collabs consisting of  20 tracks of exciting flavors and sounds to come from Buygore are gratiously presented on the Free To Download “Fresh Blood – Volume Two” collection.  The theme speaks for itself. This is a solid collection of a few names you may have heard over the last couple years and many more that I’m sure you are going to be hearing a lot more about in days to come.  Enough attention was given to the track listing, overall flow, and artist contributions on this compilation to make it a comfortable listen top to bottom, which I recommend you do more than a couple times.

1. Hekler- Megalink

Megalink opens up like an 80’s fantasy film then drops you into an air of intent reminiscent of pre- hype era dubstep in regards to the raw and straight forward wall of bass approach present in the drops. Retaining a very accessible emotional/tonal constant throughout a straightforward composition is what Hekler does perfectly with Megalink. The reduction that closes out the track is a fitting eloquence and poingant allude to the previous two minutes. This is the kind of track that makes you pause and shut up for 3:24 while you ponder why you didn’t love it the first time you listened.

2. YDG – 1234

Do YDG & Hekler know each other….because those synths meeting each other at the intro to YDG’s 1234 is not to be understated. This is a party starter people, don’t let that mellow intro fool you. The dj applications for crafty mixsmiths on this track are endless and I can see this making it’s way into some very creative sets. Ringing basses, monsterous progessions, and thoughtful breakdowns make me want to hear a lot more from YDG asap.


Out of L.A. or so Souncloud says…SVDDEN DEATH rolls into the Fresh Blood collection with EXECUTION on track 3. Theres something that is pretty exciting here, but at an awkward 2:45 play time this track just disappears after an ambient but intriguing build and leaves you thinking “hmm, well, that was sort of awesome and heavy, and cool, but…where’s the rest of it?” This is a jam that belongs in your dj crates because there is some serious heat in there to be worked with but might leave you a little unfulfilled on a casual playlist.

4. Faytal – Kill Them

A lot of producers tell me that horns are dead but I say carry that torch HIGH Faytal. Note, the horns are barely relevant to this track but it’s the principle of the subject… I digress. The intro vocal sample is fun…and then shortly afterwords there is a little break that will scrape your eye lids off if you aren’t prepared for it, which you won’t be, and that’s a good thing. I’m sorry if you didn’t read this before listening. The intial build, break, and drop had me really interested, alas the remainder of the track feels a little conventional, and like track 3, just a little unresolved.

5. Helicopter Showdown & YAKZ – Juoki

Soundcloud says Helicopter Showdown is from San Francisco. I’ll take it. Track 5 -Fresh Blood Compilation. Funny Story. First time I heard of Helicopter Showdown it was because there was a very last minute venue change upon a mid week night in a midwestern town by the name of Columbus, Ohio. Some random amatuer promoters didn’t do a thing, somebody else did a thing and in the end I wound up in the sound booth. I’m pretty sure that the whole HS tour team was like “wtf, let’s do this and just enjoy some lemonade for what it’s worth”. Which they did. I wasn’t impressed, granted they were just filling a random gap and tour bump show with minimal arrangements at an unplanned venue and if I had $10 for all those experiences in my career I would be writing this review in a whiskey filled hot tub on a private island formally owned by Pablo Escobar. Ahem. Flash forward a couple years and I’m itching for Helicopter tracks. Honesty is the best policy and I realize that might have been something I missed in the random HS experience upon my first encounter. Thorough and inviting might be an understatement in regards to the depth of Juoki, but HS & YAKZ have crafted an atmosphere which is very intriguing and worth making yours for more than a little while.

6. Haunta – Unrivaled

Track 6 is one of those “I’m just going to hang out by myself and listen to songs I like” sort of tune. The mix is a bit unconventional, which I think is going to be a detrimental to the club exposure for this track but I’m not a mix snob and you shouldn’t be either. Pump up the jam.


I don’t really feel like “THAT HIP HOP SHIT’ is “that hip hop shit”, but I what do I know and I don’t suggest that’s a bad thing. I mean, if hip hop is infectious drops, proper sample dillution, and neck snapping rhythms…then this IS that hip hop shit. This track is relentless. Put in your dj crate, your workout mix, and put it in your hoolgan set as well. POINT.BLANK have crafted a nasty adventure with THAT HIP HOP SHIT and it’s a perfect example to remind you that a track can’t always be judged by it’s title.

8. Tempest – Reaper (feat. Lox Chatterbox)

Tempest dials in some fantastic sound design with Reaper that really grabs ahold of you in the second drop. The arrangement in Tempest is to the point with two saucy drops and enough attitude to carry to you to the abrupt close.


With barely a minute of down time in the entire track, SWAGE X HAMI come out swinging with the brass rings on. If I could plow a semi-truck through morning rush hour traffic with no repercussions, BAD would definitely be on that playlist! Good luck keeping a straight face when these drops assault you.

10. JuJu – The Troublemakers

The percussion arrangement on The Troublemakers is what stands out to me the most. The hats, crashes, etc lend this track to being a fun one for the dj’s. Without posessing a drop arrangement to make this track a stand alone single, this is definitely an A+ ringer for crafty dj’s.


ECLIPSE is one of those tracks that you just know has something in store for you after the first few seconds. Intricate and refined sound design radiate, no, explode through the entirety of SVDDEN DEATH’S second contribution to the Fresh Blood compilation. Open your set with this one, melt some faces with it in the middle, or just rinse it out in the living room. ECLIPSE is that track you really can’t get mad at anywhere. This may be seizure inducing, you have been warned.

12. Zblu – Money

Solid and cohesive is the way Zblu displays Money. The rich thread of common themes and progressions might lead you to believe that you’ve “heard this before”, but I assure you the sound design is solid enough to trust in any dj application while the groove radiates enough style to not be redundant.


A fun vocal intro drops into some classic squealing wubs and standard drums that are both nostalgiac and exciting. This track might get a little dry in the breakdown for some tastes, but everything surrounding it is a really good time and I put it that way because it makes me want to order shots and headbang. This is the sort of track that you’re gonna nod your head to no matter where you are in the club, or wherever it meets your eardrums.

14. UZZI – Nacho Cheese

This is not that pale vegetable by-product substitue you get on your nachos at the gas station fam. UZZI went to the market and procured some premium aged cultures for their brand of Nacho Cheese. Before you know it there is so much dynamic sample lacing and aggressive bass pounding your palette that you have no choice but to double dip your chip. Someone tell me what the intro here reminds me of, please. 5 Star Yelp rating.

15. Covah – Deviants

Political overtones and classic synths ring in like the best time you ever had at a middle school sleep over. Covah crafts that rare blend of uplifting and ominous atmospheres with Deviants. You will wonder what you ever did with your life, why the world is so crazy, but throughout be assured by the perfectly balanced synth engineering and melody that it’s all going to be alright in the end…becasue there is a champion here. The growl in the second drop deserves it’s own classification, it is textured immaculately. It is apparent that Covah takes the craft very seriously and I want a lot more of it asap.

16. Niveau Zero – 2nd Chance (original mix)

Niveau very quickly remind you that this Fresh Blood compilation was not taken lightly in the curation department. Super sound design, mixing, and presentation make 2nd Chance a track highly applicable for a lot dj sets and atmospheres, especially regarding the close.

17. Subject 31 & Rekoil – Militia

Militia bring some very interesting dynamics to the sound design in their contribution to Fresh Blood. Everything I want out of this song I feel like is going to be in Militia’s next offering to us though. It’s as if every element of the track is right on the edge of fresh and explosive to me, yet I don’t get that sensation of total immersion that I think Militia is about saturate us all with very soon. *note, following Niveau Zero was a pretty tall order in regards to track listing and deadlines apply 😉 Cheers and thanks for reading.

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