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Joyzu’s New Single Is EXACTLY What We’ve Been Looking For

Joyzu has become one of the hottest rising duos right now, with their most recent hit single “Humans,” which was released on Armada Music, as well as playing festivals like Snowglobe, Bass Camp and upcoming ones like The Untz and BUMP; it’s clear Carson Willms and Quinton Pope are here to stay.  Their tracks have already gotten some huge recognition, from a Tomorrowland compilation as well as being featured on The Martin Garrix Show and most recently on David Guetta’s Radio show.  If you haven’t listened to their tracks yet, I highly recommend you get on that. These two have an undeniable passion and talent when it comes to the future bass that they create together, and it shows not only in their music, but in their stage presence as well.  When you can see how much an artist loves what they’re doing up on stage, it makes the music that much more enjoyable.

Their newest Armada release, “Looking For You” feat. Karra, is a beautiful track. Future Bass has been seeming to make quite the splash recently in the dance music scene; and with feel good music like this I can totally understand why.  The lyrics to “Looking For You” are super catchy and sadly beautiful; they will definitely have you feeling some type of way.  You might miss someone you didn’t even know existed.  The first time I heard this track I could totally picture myself dancing around at a festival in the summer sun, surrounded by beautiful music and beautiful people.  In the ever changing dance music scene, Joyzu is a name I really look forward to hearing more of.

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