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Next To Blue Drops A Memorable Future Bass Banger

‘Into You’ is the latest single released on Night Owl Collective by Next To Blue.

Next To Blue

If you aren’t familiar with Next To Blue or Night Owl Collective then hopefully after this you’re sold. The track starts with a filtered melody and vinyl scratch sounds. Slowly more and more elements are added, such as birds chirping and a rhythmic hi-hat pattern. Other little pieces are introduced that perfectly mesh with the main melody before the drop. This quickly progresses with fast claps in the build up to the drop. When it drops, you’re thrown into heavily panned, fast paced and delightful future bass bliss that has quite a punch to it.

Next To Blue – Into You

Next To Blue and Night Owl Collective are two entities that I’ll be keeping an eye on, and you should as well. There are so many interesting and unique forms of content that comes from the collective.

Wanna hear more from ‘Next To Blue‘? Check out his spotify:

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