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Dive On In, With Okami’s ‘Into The Sea’ Remix

Australian producer, Okami, is a name everyone needs to know.  His “video game music” is heavily influenced by his love for the games he plays, especially Super Mario World; hence his latest album “Super Okami World.” He has definitely created his own, unique sound in all of his music – a lot of his music reminds me of what Porter Robinson would not only listen to, but produce himself.  Especially his latest remix to Dimatik’s “Into The Sea” feat the ever effervescent Enya Angel.

The best part about music is the feelings that it gives you when you listen to it.  Whether it be a certain memory of a place, time, or person in your life.  “Into The Sea” is a beautifully put together piece, especially with the lyrics that are weaved in throughout his sounds.  From the first part of the track I had goosebumps, Enya Angel’s voice is almost haunting (in the best way).  The track almost has a future bass feel to it, up until around 2:15.  The drop reminds me of the live edit of Porter’s “Fresh Static Snow,” which was a very nice surprise to add in after how pretty it started off. If you enjoyed this track I highly recommend checking out more from this animated producer; I know after listening to this all I can think about is… who IS Okami?

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