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Francesco Ragazzi

Axwell Λ Ingrosso Release Their Highly Anticipated Debut EP “More Than You Know”

Axwell Λ Ingrosso have finally unveiled their first EP More Than You Know. Since their headlining performance at Ultra Music Festival, the duo previewed much of the EP’s material and set fan expectations high. The title track in particular had resounding reactions from everyone in Miami to everyone watching the live stream. On top of that, the new EP showcases the melodic style and catchy production they have built their reputations on, but also includes songs that venture into new territory for Axwell Λ Ingrosso.

More Than You Know begins with the title track, which will certainly be heard in festival sets to come. It will likely be a big anthem for the summer, having appeal to pop audiences while still remaining in the realm of EDM. Every part of the song has something catchy about it, from the guitars in the intro to the chorus and melody that’s sure to get stuck in a lot of heads over the next few weeks. The EP follows with “Renegade,” the first single released earlier this month and indicates a new indie dance-like sound for Axwell Λ Ingrosso. Closer to midtempo than much of their catalog, it will likely widen the group’s commercial appeal. The shortest song on the album, “How Do You Feel Right Now,” has little melodic texture, but it also has a tribal feel that might have a strong impact as a live track. The EP closes with “Dawn,” a notably longer song than the others on the release. “Dawn” triumphantly returns to the progressive house style that Axwell and Ingrosso built much of their careers on. However, it feels refreshing at the same time, with new drums and sounds that differentiate the duo from their work as part of Swedish House Mafia. It has ambient hints during the break which build up to the second progressive drop. Overall, the song is a gentle departure from the rest of the EP’s short, radio-friendly tone.

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