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Coming Soon: Riff Raff in Melbourne @ Max Watts, 11th June.

When you have label affiliations from Swishahouse to Mad Decent and collaborated with the likes of Diplo, Action Bronson, the Far East Movement and Katy Perry amongst others, as well as tried to ‘out Franco’ James Franco, it’s safe to say you’re not boring. The Freestyle Scientist, the Neon Icon, the Peach Panther, the Aquaberry Aquarius; Horst “Riff Raff” Simco is anything but boring. Let’s not make it about all the glitter though, if you think he can’t rap then you’re dead wrong.

“Yeah, Neato, I beat up the block like Stephen Segal, pour a four of Pellegrino, driving backwards through Reno.” I could talk about this line alone for days, but I’ll spare you the pontificating.

As a part of Three Loco, along with Simon “Dirt Nasty” Rex and Andy Milonakis, Riff Raff shines on another level. The first song which caught my personal attention was the track “Neato” off their only release to date, the self titled “¡Three Loco!” EP. He takes what was designed to be a novelty comedy song and made it a banging comedy song. That’s not to discredit his counterparts, and there are rumours of a return for the trio. Until then Riff Raff certainly isn’t going to let you forget him; it’s damn near impossible. In support of his latest mixtape “Aquaberry Aquarius”, and to just make the world a brighter place, Riff Raff is heading to our shores along with producer DJ Afterthought for a couple of shows around the country.

For those in Melbourne, we have a free double pass to give away for the show at Maxx Watts on the 11th of June. How do you win? Record a ten second video getting your Riff Raff on (impersonations and lip sync debauchery encouraged, but feel free to get creative how ever you like) and DM it to our Trapstyle Australia Facebook page, the best one wins. If you don’t win, don’t fret, you can buy tickets here, and we’ll share our favourite entries on FB.

Biggest of ups to Matt Van Rooy Presents and crew for hosting the show. Not only are they putting on parties like this, but they’ve been holding it down on the hip-hop front for a minute now and touring the likes of Maundz, Mata & Must, Fluent Form, Discourse, along with international acts like Task Force, Large Professor and Lord Finesse. Keep up with their happenings here.

Event Riff Riff with DJ Afterthought – Melbourne

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