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Who Cares – JNTHN STEIN x Mr Carmack Out Now

EtcEtc Music’s latest release gives a whole new twist on classic sounds.  The Sydney based label is known for its countless international releases, priding themselves in the unique styles of countless artists.  “Who Cares” is a collab from Team Supreme founders and members, JNTHN STEIN and Mr. Carmack; two very different production artists, but two very talented ones at that.  JNTHN STEIN can play a plethora of different instruments, while Carmack is not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to his trap style beats and sounds.  But they are definitely no stranger when it comes to each others music, Carmack actually remixed JNTHN STEIN’s “Silvertown” a few months ago.

JNTHN STEIN kicks off “Who Cares,” showing off his background in classic training.  The intro to the song starts off with beautiful and uplifting piano and mellow sounds, making you feel like you could float throughout each and one of them.   Then, the snares start to kick in, while still intertwining with the classic sounds, building the listeners up to Mr. Carmack’s part.  The second it drops you can hear Carmack’s style; that unique, lose yourself in the music type of vibe. Anytime you hear a Carmack song you know it’s his; his break beat sounds stand out so well. These two styles fit together perfectly, while making you want to drop it low, but also just fly above the world and melt into the more classic, euphoric styles of the track.

There is currently a remix competition going on for “Who Cares” via wavome 

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