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Artist Spotlight: Jessica Audiffred, the Mexico City Bass Baroness

Bass and Trap artist Jessica Audiffred has been on a roll over the last year. With backing from brands like Pioneer and Beats Audio, and even artist Flux Pavilion, it appears Jessica’s imminent come-up is more of a formality at this point, with the hard work already done. A dominant force already in the Mexican festival scene, 2017 appears to be the year where the Mexico City native will transition her momentum into the global scene.

It’s easy to see why Jessica is such a powerhouse in the Mexican festival scene just by previewing any of her sets. Each mix is made for the maximum possible energy possible from start to finish. Looking specifically at her EDC mix, it does not step below 75/150 BPM until the very end. Full of Dubstep, Trap, Bass House, Jessica’s give no choice in the matter: you will be bouncing.

This same energy and passion can be found in each of her songs as well. Whether working with Circus-style Dubstep, grimy and bass-heavy Trap, or lush chord-heavy Future Bass, the basic principles of Jessica’s style is bring a type of energy that makes it physically impossible not to start nodding your head to the high tempo beats. This is best seen in her remix of ‘Feel Your Love’ by Flux Pavilion and NGHTMRE, where across 3 different genres Jessica is able to deliver the same high powered intensity through the entire song.

We had the opportunity to get a few words with the upcoming superstar and get her thoughts on her experience getting to this point:

Q1: Do you like connecting with people more through DJing or Producing?

Jessica: I think one thing leads to the other, producing is the first step, and then DJing your own music makes everything meaningful. There will be no other way for me to be involved in the music scene without these two components.

Q2: What is the dynamic of being a female artist in a male dominated field like?

J: It’s like a double-edged sword cause you might have a lot of attention just for being a girl, but you also need to prove everyone that you are just as good as anyone else. If you keep on working you’ll get there. It doesn’t matter if you are a female or male, hard work always pays off.

Q3: You’ve mentioned before that Mexico music scene is still stuck in the “EDM wave”. How were you able to develop your sound outside of that?

J: I just started to produce music I believe in, I didn’t care if could play that in clubs or whatever, and then the right people started to noticed me. I also surrounded myself with a lot of good friends who also believed in bass music right before anyone else did here, and with a good team and a good idea, I started to do things like a radio show, started my own label, my own parties, and here I am, just working my way into the Mexican bass scene.

Q4: What was it like seeing your endeavors pay off when you were contacted by Flux Pavilion and Circus Records?

J: I couldn’t believe it at first, when I saw the Flux’s Top 100 video I was in Spain, about to play and someone showed me the video on twitter and I was like, “Wait, what? How? Why?” I was so excited for him just to know me , and then everything just blew up when they asked me to do an official remix, and the rest is history. I just became an official Circus artist and I couldn’t be happier. I also met Doctor P at EDC Mexico this year he is a really cool guy and we got to chat about some things, later on in the year he told me that he played my song “chat culture” in most of his shows and that he was really into my music, so for me to have that type of compliments from one of the producers I admire the most, it’s simply the best. Looking forward to see what happens next.

Q5: What is it about your sound that makes it stand out to the rest of bass scene? What does “Jessica Audiffred” mean for the scene?

J: As much as I hate to put myself in a category, I would definitely say that I bring the energetic touch on the table. I love producing dubstep and playing it, there are not that many females out there making dubstep, drum and bass or bass music in general, so i want to bring that bass power and energy in a female form, and give amazing live sets.

Q6: Countless blogs and brands are putting themselves behind you, setting 2017 as your breakout year. What do you have in the works to bring that to fruition?

J: I started the year as a part of one of the most amazing record labels out there, so for me thats just unbelievable. I have an EP coming out in the summer time and a few singles too, also really cool collaborations with really important producers and I’m getting busy with my own releases on my Label “A Records”, so theres a lot of work coming up!

Q7: If you could go b2b with one other artist, who would it be?

J: Flux Pavilion


2017 is set to be Jessica’s biggest year yet, and you’re not going to want to miss out. We here at Trapstyle are definitely going to be on the lookout to see how the rest of the year turns out for this come-up artist.

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