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Frank Pierce & Famba Bring Summer “Vibe” In New Collaboration

An all new summer hit single just hit the airwaves yesterday from Tipsy Records. Frank Pierce & Famba have teamed up on their new song “Vibe” to create a perfect record just in the knick of time for summer chillin’. Frank Pierce is a veteran songwriter with only hits to his name. Each of his tunes reaching well over 100k plays this producer has crafted a sound that people know and expect great things from. The teaming up with Famba was only a genius idea as he too has crafted a high caliber house sound that is tried and true. Together these two songwriters created a tune that is well balanced, offering a catchy melody from Emily Bonabon that is bound to be stuck in your head for months, but isn’t too repetitive and features syncopated percussions and deep house bass hits to get your feet moving.

This track is a must hear and probably a must have for most anyone so check out the stream below and grab your copy here.