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Subfer Turns Up with Future Bass Track ‘High’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This 19 year old San Diego Future Bass artist is no stranger to the scene. With most of his tracks being featured on well known collectives such as Wonderlust and Trap City, Subfer is becoming a known name in the scene, and for good reason. Subfer’s identifying trait is his seamless cohesion of Future Bass and Rap. He is exceptionally good at tapping into the Hip Hop instrumentation in Future Bass and unleashing it’s full potential. His newest track ‘High‘ is one of the best testaments to this ability.

‘High’ displays a high level of production skill through Subfer’s cleanly produced energetic instrumental. Simultaneously there is plenty of room for Yandi to deliver his own touch with his rhythmically diverse flow. Yandi’s verses are able to comfortably stand side-by-side with the energy of Subfer’s airy horns and plucky synths. This synergy creates a focused energy that makes these sections just as lively as the drops.

The drops are equipped with a quintessential Future Bass chord synth and beefy 808 layer. These features are highlighted by some fairly interesting vocal chopping. Although these features sound like fairly generic Future Bass features, what allows ‘High’ to stand out from other tracks with a similar sound is its incredibly effective kick drum pattern that subtly gives the familiar sound new life. On top of that, the second section of each drop features freestyle-like patterns that mix up the sound. These traits prevent ‘High’ from blending into the Future Bass crowd.

Overall ‘High’ is an impressive display of production skill by Subfer. It most greatly highlights his prowess balancing collaborative artistic forces in his songs. With such impressive content at such a young age, Subfer’s growth as an artist is certainly something we’ll be keeping an eye on.

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