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Stereo Cube And MaXD Revamp An Old Work in New Release ‘Try Again’

4 months ago, UK Native Stereo Cube dropped an EP entitled ‘Vol. 2 – The Grand Scoob Hotel‘. Whereas its predeccesor ‘Vol. 1 – The Adventures of Scoob‘ is overall structured around creating chill atmospheres and then releasing them into gritty and energetic drops, Vol. 2 focuses more overall on developing the atmosphere for the entirity of its tracks. Gritty synths are present, but more as excitations of their engrossing atmospheres than the focus of their respective drops. Among the tracks following this concept in Vol. 2 is ‘Try‘, coproduced with MaXD. ‘Try’ is full of energy and excitations, but the driving force of this track is its core atmosphere. With their newest track ‘Try Again‘ featuring Louie, Stereo Cube and MaXD introduce the Vol. 1 theme to their track to create a totally revamped iteration.

The shift in style from ‘Try’ to ‘Try Again’ is seen from the start.

The change from an atmospheric presence to an active presence is immediately felt. The intro section includes a guitar riff which does appear in ‘Try’ but is not until halfway through the track. ‘Try Again’ then wastes no time getting its blood flowing. The song kicks off a buildup section that rivals the drop in ‘Try’ itself in terms of energy. With that much energy already introduced, we’re left to wonder what is to come when the drop itself actually approaches.

The first drop serves as the core piece of the reworked structure.

This first drop is a full structural departure from ‘Try’. It serves as a harder drop than is found in either volume of Stereo Cube’s EPs. Whereas the other tracks can firmly stand as Future Bass with heavy synths, this drop almost evokes the title of Dubstep. At the very least, it stands at the line between Future Bass and its predecessor. Here, a twist on even the song structure of Vol. 1 is found, with the atmosphere being established in the debris of the drop. From there the song continues in the same structure ‘Try’, with variations in style and more energetic excitations to keep it fresh.

The reimagining and restructuring of their original track was a great success. By placing the heavy drop first and with appropriate structuring, these artists were able to acomplish the goals of the respect structures from both EPs. Not to mention the remastering of the track provides an even more polished experience.

You can stream both ‘Try Again’ and ‘Try’ here:

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