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Delta Heavy remixes “Lights Out” by Zeds Dead

UKF has always stayed on top of the game when it comes to releasing the best of the best. In this case, they have brought to us an amazing remix of Zeds Dead killer single “Lights Out.” If you’re anything like the rest of us and would like a break from the recent outbreak of future bass style, you’re in luck. Delta Heavy‘s remake of the epic original premiered on the UKF Dubstep YouTube page. Unfortunately, the release won’t be out on DeadBeats until June 9th.  Dubstep is back and possibly harder than ever. If you don’t believe us, take it from Zeds Dead. In their YouTube comment they stated, “Thanks to Delta Heavy for crushing this remix!”

As opposed to the relaxed sound of Zeds Dead “Lights out,” Delta Heavy have given the track an intense spin. The release is noticeably different than the original single, but it’s definitely got an amazing sound. In comparison to the soothing rhythm, today “Lights out” gets a new vibe. The beginning of the reworked track makes you believe it’s another future bass imitation. The first build up might have you under the impression that it could be melodic dubstep. Delta Heavy deceived us. As soon as the drop hits, our jaws hit the floor. This remix is rail worthy. With a double drop towards the middle of the song, Delta Heavy is the kind of hype you need today. Zeds Dead was right, they absolutely crushed this remix!

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