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Fransis Derelle

Detrace & Fransis Derelle Will Make Your Day With Their VIP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

What do you get when you pair a Dubstep producer with a Future Bass producer? You get incredibly clean sub basses, vibrant high end synths, and a rhythm that could get anyone bouncing. Detrace and Francis Derelle create this sort of colorful atmosphere in their new track, ‘Make My Day (VIP)‘.

Detrace and Fransis Derelle create a balance between Dubstep and Future Bass in both ‘Make My Day’ and its VIP.

Because of the similarities between Dupstep and Future Bass, the latter being in part derived from the former, these artists combined to create some beautiful results. In the original ‘Make My Day‘, Detrace and Fransis pay homage to a more bass emphasized style of Future Bass from its earlier days. The dynamic piece is full of smooth elongated wubs which were the centerpiece of the atmospheric Future Bass of old, with its Dubstep-influenced elements clearly showing.

The VIP takes a modern Future Bass approach to the original concept.

The VIP brings us back to the present day of Future Bass, focusing on an energizing experience. Kicking up the tempo, revamping the high end, and tightening the mix, this rework leans closer to modern Future Bass. At the same time, it sticks with a powerful Dubstep style sub bass rather than opting for the 808 bass used in modern Future Bass tracks. The drum pattern is also a classic Dubstep kick/snare combo rather than the Hip-Hop and Trap-esque drum patterns we see nowadays in Future Bass tracks.

‘Make My Day (VIP)’ certainly improves on its original. It is able to not just capture the essence of the past of Future Bass, but also evoke the present state of Future Bass at the same time. This trait establishes the track’s identity as a distinctly Future Bass track that can fit a Dubstep listeners palette.

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