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GRiZ Makes Huge Announcement Regarding His Pride

The groovy saxophonist surprised his fans with some eye opening news. Grant, other wise known as GRiZ, wrote an article on behalf of The Huffington Post expressing his sexual orientation. Not only are we surprised, but we are also extremely proud. As we all know, coming out can be a very scary experience for many individuals. In his article, GRiZ stated, “My family and my friends call me Grant, others know me as GRiZ. I’m a DJ, producer, saxophonist, song writer, performer, yoga lover, weed smoker, clothing designer, record label owner, 90s music lover, a horrible, horrible singer…and I am gay.”


There is an immense power in words. A simple statement has the ability to shake your world. In addition, words also have the ability to make you feel brave; to make you feel free. GRiZ has removed himself from the shackles and openly told the world he is gay. In a world full of hate, expressions like these take guts. You need courage and strength to endure the voices coming from every direction. There is no shame in who you are or who you love. We are sending all of our support and love to Grant.

If you’d like to show your colors in honor of the Human Rights Campaign, GRiZ has released Limited Edition Pride Merch up for grabs.

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Featured Photo Credit: Jason Siegel Photography