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Ephwurd Reveals EP Announcement + More In Exclusive Interview

We caught up with the iconic duo known as Ephwurd. Consisting of idol ‘Datsik’ and workhorse ‘Baishaus’, the pair were set up for success from the very beginning. Debuting in 2015, the team have risen to musical immortality. In just 2 years, the two have collected so many accolades as well as the welcoming of new sights and sounds that the journey their music has gifted them with. In this interview, we really wanted to get in touch with their roots and how Ephwurd saw the light of day. A nice chat to say the least, if you’re a fan then get ready for what will be one of the most anticipated EPs to come this year! Read below for more information. 

Ephwurd being the spontaneous bass house project that completely blitzed dance music fanatics in 2015. After previously working together in 2014 during a Steve Aoki Tour, what made you two decide it was time to make it official and start this project?

We had already been making tunes and figured we’d had enough material to make a go of it. We originally did a collab on the Datsik Let It Burn LP. That’s the real OG Ephwurd vibes!

If there was ever a moment where you two felt like you made the right decision in creating Ephwurd, could you pinpoint that moment for us?

Oh man probably seeing every major DJ playing Rock The Party at every huge festival on earth. That’s when we knew it was worth pursuing.

Headed into the creative process, was Bass House the initial genre you two wanted to attack and be known for?

Not really. We were doing 128 stuff but at the time it didn’t have the Bass House label. I think the timing with what we were doing was just right.

What did this project mean for you both individually? Datsik being the dubstep pioneer, and Bais Haus being an aspiring producer from LA?

We both wanted an outlet for stuff that we couldn’t do with our normal gigs. Troy’s obviously killing it with Datsik but he is known for doing Dubstep and only dubstep. I was working behind the scenes in LA doing shows and ghost producing. We both wanted to have an outlet for whatever we wanted to do and that’s how Ephwurd really came about. We did the bass house thing and it’ll still be our home base but Ephwurd is about doing whatever we want and not letting anybody dictate otherwise.

Mid-way through your 2017 Spring Tour, what are the pros & cons of touring?

Pros: shows and sushi

Cons: early flights, stupid airlines losing our bags, tsa douche bags.

The Ephwurd camp has been quiet recently. Releasing ‘Vibrations’ on Tiesto’s label Musical Freedom 6 months ago, what’s in the works?

EP time 😉 Really been testing the waters on what we can produce and how we can change our style up. We are super excited to show everyone.

Do you find your individual schedules conflicting with the duo’s music making process?

Yes 100% it’s a non stop hustle. Touring and making music are 2 separate beasts to tackle. Some people can write music while on the road but we need our studio. Just that alone is a struggle but then add in the hectic Datsik schedule then it’s twice as intense. But we manage 🙂

We can only expect great things from you two this year, any announcements you’d guys like to make for the fans to begin rioting?

Stay tuned for new music, it’s coming very soon!!!

Along with their hefty touring schedule, Ephwurd continues to release episodes of their brand new radio show! Stream their latest episode here:

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