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‘Time Stops’ as Mija unleashes 4 track electronic EP on the world

Mija has been a busy bee lately. Dealing with a hefty touring schedule she has also been hard at work on her ‘Time Stops’ project; an animated short film written by herself coming out later this year through her ‘Never B Alone’ imprint.

Coming through Adult Swim’s Singles releases platform, we have been blessed to receive a 4-track EP produced by Mija that will also serve as the soundtrack to her ‘Time Stops’ project.

The EP is an eclectic soundscape as varied and vast as Mija’s musical tastes & creative influences, ranging from DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) reminiscent Happy Hardcore vibes, through downtempo Melodic Bass, to upbeat, chip tune-y Drum & Bass. There are such a wide range of moods contained within the 4 tracks of this EP, it makes me incredibly excited to see how the sounds will be incorporated into the final animation.

“be humble, be present, be creative ” – Mija on Facebook

Hearing the title track ‘Time Stops’ unleashes a wave of nostalgia within me as I recall Mija dropping the track to close off her set at AgeHa nightclub in Tokyo in April.
It was so satisfying to be a drop in the sea of Japanese partygoers jumping around with faces full of glee to the breakneck beat & bouncing bassline of the drop. The whimsical vocal hook “time stops when I’m with you” playing throughout creating an eruption of feels among the revellers, causing newfound friends to link arms and shoot fists into the air while Mija says her thanks and joins in on the bouncing fun.

It was such a fulfilling experience and I’m grateful to be able to relive that moment through Mija’s amazing new musical project.

You can stream Mija’s ‘Time Stops’ EP below, and keep a lookout for the short film dropping later this year.

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