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Monstercat and Rocket League Have Teamed Up To Bring You Vol 1 Of Unreleased Music

Calling all Rocket League fans, boy do we have some exciting news for you! If you love to nerd out over the game, it is about to get even better! For the short time that Rocket League has been around, it has already climbed high, becoming one of the most popular games currently in the video game industry. Now, how can a game that is already ridiculously awesome get even better? By adding some awesome music, that’s how! Rocket League is coming up on its two year anniversary, so of course they want to do something big to celebrate. Sp0rts Action has teamed up with Monstercat, to put forth a compilation of unreleased tracks, from a plethora of artists. This compilation will include music from artists like Slushii, Vicetone, Grant, Tokyo Machine and many, many more. The big news was announced during the Rocket League Championship series, along with “Rock It” from Tokyo League, which is out now!

Monstercat is personally one of my favorite labels out there, constantly releasing music from artist that I listen to on the daily.  Since 2011 the label has done an impeccable job of bridging fans to music, really trying to dig deep and do something beyond just releasing music.  The tracks they put out will have you feeling every type of feel, and getting down with your bad self.  Teaming up with Rocket League proves even more that Monstercat is breaking barriers and doing something to try and stand out even more, furthering their bond between fans and what makes them tick.

The album is set to release July 5th, but every Monday leading up to that date, Monstercat will be releasing a track from the album.  Next time you play Rocket League, be sure to use the Monstercat decal car! This is going to be the start of an amazing friendship between the two.

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