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TSAU006: TBA. & Willco – Threshold

Looking at the social media accounts of TBA. and Willco these two boys seem to have an awful lot in common, both seem to be shitposters at heart with Facebook pages similarly filled with a hefty collection of memes in amongst the music. TBA. (Adam, 24) and Willco (Brandon, 22) both call Perth home and have spent the last few years making big names for themselves in the local club scene, and are definitely starting to have their names recognised across the country and all over the world.

Prior to getting into DJing and producing Adam (TBA.) had been involved in a number of bands as a drummer, before progressing into the electronic music scene and finding a sound he could happily call his own. Prior to this release, Adam has put out a number of flips, my favourite being his flip of LUUDE’s track La De Da (https://soundcloud.com/tba/ladeda-remix) as well as one original, Helix, a melodic, experimental trap tune with a smattering of really tight drum and bass inspired drums.

The other man behind this release, Brandon (Willco) is a self-proclaimed “notorious disappointment to his parents” thanks to his decisions to pursue music rather than becoming a doctor or lawyer, but despite his parents’ disappointment this decision seems to be paying off. Brandon’s biggest success has come almost accidentally, to quote him, he “made this dumb fucking mixtape called literally fuck genres that accidentally went viral” (that you can listen to here).

When Trapstyle writer James Lorenz caught up with Willco for a chat about Threshold, Brandon described it as “weird” and “his most experimental work yet” (you can read their full chat below). Personally, I’m a big fan of the somewhat experimental, hybrid sound that is Threshold, with its eclectic selection of samples and sounds that TBA and Willco have managed to pull together into a track that is definitely pushing some boundaries, and in Willco’s case, is a far cry from his signature Panic! at the Disco remixes. At the end of the day, these two boys are definitely ones to keep your eyes on and are just part of the ever-growing Perth bass scene that’s starting to make serious waves across the country.

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Read on for James Lorenz’ interview with Willco:

Willco is a Perth based DJ and producer that has been blowing up thanks to his fantastic and hilarious ‘Literally Fuck Genres’ mix and it’s sequel that has landed him an Australian tour and international status.

Willco: Hey! My name is Brandon, I DJ, produce music and put dumb shit on the internet as Willco.

James: What role do you think internet memes have played on your persona? “Send nudes” seems to be a running gag that you’ve made a part of your branding.

Willco: Alright haha, so I’ve always wanted to inject my personal humour into my brand because one of the mistakes a lot of people make with their brand is that they’re not being themselves so I am just being me. I think my Soundcloud bio describes it really well and it says “Do what I want and sometimes change the song” and I really live by that. A lot of the internet memes aren’t even planned, it’s just I thought this was really funny so I am gonna upload it to the internet and it works. The whole send nudes thing… it kinda happened accidentally but organically and it’s really difficult to talk about this without sound sketchy but I have a lot of friends that’ll just send me nudes and I have a folder of them that’s very large haha but it’s great because they’re proud of their bodies and it’s all in confidence. It all comes back to the whole send nudes meme and it’s kind of funny but I don’t even completely understand it myself.

James: So you have an upcoming US tour, tell us a little more about that.

Willco: Yeah so I don’t have a booking agent or manager or anything like that so all my shows are booking by just me talking to friends about getting booked in certain spots and sometimes it happens, I was actually in talks with booking agents right after the first mixtape released but I decided it would be easier to do an Australian tour first then move onto a US tour after.

James: What are you looking forward to most with your upcoming tour?

Willco: I’m looking forward to meeting all these new people but also I am really looking forward to trying lots of different food, also just seeing all the friends I already have but yes definitely the food, I love tacos.

James: What inspired you to make the ‘Literally Fuck Genres’ mix?

Willco: That was really just the result of a lot of my live sets and my dumb sense of humour. It wasn’t actually going to happen at first, I was originally going to do a three-part mix series with house, trap and dubstep but I was in the office at work and my manager gave me an idea to make a mix of all the mashups I do.

James: Your song Threshold with TBA is due for release on Trapstyle Australia, tell us a little about how that collaboration came about?

Willco: Yeah, I’ve got a song with my friend TBA, I started it a year ago and I uploaded a clip to my Snapchat story and he happened to see it and hit me up to make it a collaboration. You know how collabs are, they’re back and forth for a while and eventually we got it done. I have been a bit worried about it for a while because of how weird the song is, It is definitely my most experimental work. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone thinks about it!