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What So Not Drops Divide And Conquer Remix Pack

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single person in the scene that doesn’t get excited about seeing the name What So Not on a release and Divide & Conquer was no different. Stepping a little into left field from what we’re used to from Chris “Emoh” Emerson (better known of course as What So Not), but this experimental sound was not in vain. The masses jumped on this track, stepping into something different and pushing something new and quite far removed from the days when What So Not was Flume and Emoh. Now I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just as excited this week when I got the email in my inbox from Sweat It Out, dropping this absolutely massive remix pack.

In the 10 or so months since the original release I’ve personally bared witness to a plethora of mash-ups, club edits and unofficial remixes of the track on nights out, so for me, the most surprising thing about the release of this remix pack is that the title track only gets one official remix.  In saying that, if there was ever one choice for a remix of ANY track, Noisia would be topping most lists, so it comes as no surprise that the three Dutch masters of bass music were the sole remixers of Divide & Conquer.

By now, the Noisia remix is no secret, over the last two weeks, there have been numerous Reddit threads and a collection of rips and leaks of this remix. If you’ve been sleeping on it until now, here’s your chance. The dons of bass have stripped the original track back to its core and flipped it into something pretty wild.

The remixes of Ganz & What So Not anthem Lone come in just as strong, with the highly anticipated (and this writer’s pick of the pack) Slow Hours remix finally out in full, a funky little edit from Ribongia, and last but not least, it wouldn’t be complete without homeland heroes Slumberjack putting their flavour on it.

Personally, I was a little taken aback by the number of remixes of Trust, but there was absolutely no sacrifice of quality when including this quantity. Go Freek puts his signature housey sound on it, giving Trust a more upbeat, vibey feel.  KUURO absolutely nails the remix with a big trap take on it that I expect to hear everywhere for the next few months, and I can’t wait. At this point we take it down a notch for a minute, Loge21’s take on Trust comes in with its future house flavours and some serious vibes before Plastic Plates really take it back, and drop us into an almost slow-jam rendition of this What So Not banger. But before it all gets too intimate, MYRNE picks us up again and throws down another high energy trap take on it.

This whole release is nothing short of brilliant, and definitely doesn’t let down the excited little child in me that comes out every time I see the words “What So Not” and “new release” in the same sentence. Check out the full release from our pals at Sweat It Out here: