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Herobust Unveils New Chapter In Vertebreaker Saga

As if wrecking necks around the planet with the initial release of Vertebreaker and the not so casual world tour assuming the same title was not sufficient, Herobust, opted to bless us with a Vertebreaker remix EP that hammers in the fact that too much of a good thing is not always enough.

The original release of Vertebreaker hybridized Trap, Rap, and “Contemporary Edm blah blah blah” into an acute display of sound alchemy that in only six tracks feels like one deep breath and full blown show at the same time.  Vertebreaker is the definition of how to NOT take track curation or arrangement for granted.

These are the ways I felt about this EP. Much respect to all involved.

Track 1. Move Mint VIP 

Herobust was apparently not finished with Move Mint because he laced up the VIP Remix with a little more party spice and back beat to ensure every last body in the spot is moving when it drops. Added percussion and and a little swing immediately make apparent a new relevance to Move Mint that may not have been accessed by some dj’s prior to this release. I expect to hear elements of this revision saturating a lot of mixes soon. The shining moment in this exclamatory remix is the extended build up at the 30 second mark…yeah man, yeah, I hear you Herobust.

Track 2. Vertebreaker – (JSTJR) Remix

So, the title track here, in it’s original form could be described as being not so different from the hardest slap in the face reality ever gave you…the song is unforgiving in all the best ways. I would like to imagine JSTJR scratched his head a bit when presented with the Vertebreaker remix challenge.  From the beginning of the remix you know you are in for a little bit more atmospheric saturation and bounce than the original concept, and you might wonder, like I did, if it’s a little too standard in regards to Herobust’s arrangement….give it a chance…it is not.  JSTJR incorporated a moombah swing that pays due dilligence to the intensity of the initial release and translates it well to an alternative groove.  The second drop is the highlight of the track and if Vertebreaker was a feature film, this remix could be the soundtrack for the trailer.

Track 3. Dirt Heater Tea – (YULTRON REMIX)

Herobust delivered a fairly direct message with his presentation of Dirt Heater Tea. I don’t think any of us need to ask whether or not his statement could have been made any more clear. Along comes YULTRON and his intensely respectful remix though….What YULTRON accomplishes here is a style rarely exhaulted enough.  This remix sounds like it could have come from the original session in regards to the abundant inclusion of the original material and overall sound or tone. Incorporating a bit more swing, a little less dirt, and little more funk are just the right touches that YULTRON zones in on and accentuates in this rendition. I don’t think a remix needs to be a new song  everytime…

Herobust layed it out for you, and you had time to process it.  YULTRON delivers a profound exclamation to the discussion at hand in case you had any questions.

Track 4. Heavy Meddle – (PROTOHYPE REMIX) 

The things that Herobust did with the classic metal theme in the original version of HEAVY MEDDLE still has me questioning the boundaries of each genre and theme he touched in that mix.

PROTOHYPE apparently liked the guitar element as well, and I am glad for that, as you should be, albeit I would not have been upset with more.  This remix is one of few tracks on the EP that brings the tempo down from the original. Through that strategy PROTOHYPE reimagines Heavy Meddle into a slightly more expansive dynamic and psychadelic landscape than previously presented.  There is a lot more room to breathe here and PROTOHYPE’s robot pal on the vocals is a fine addition to yet another serious reply to the stack of tall orders in the remix department for VERTEBREAK.

Track 5. Status Busted – (Hydraulix and Oski Remix) 

When I heard about this EP, this is the track that I was I real curious about. The original is the kind of no fucks given, or maybe all the fucks given, type of tune we are rarely graced with. I like those. They last.

Play the song, try to tell me I’m wrong.

Down in tempo and a little bit of attitude is the direction Hydraulix and Oski took with this remix. A little more convention is tossed into the arrangement and the tone is a smoothed out a bit. This is a track that is going to shine with the dj’s I think. There is so much space for activities.  The clicky percussive synth style present in this remix always make me think of big ocean fairing ships….so basically, if the original version of Status Busted was a really exhilarating near death experience, on a luxury vessel with an uncharted ice berg, I would not be mad if Hydraulix and Oski were conducting the accompanying band.

Track 6. Move Mint – (4B Remix)

Another vision of Move Mint is remixed by 4B. It’s an amped up, steroid fueled version of the original that really shines during the tooth shattering build and subsuquent drop at that the 2:15 minute mark.  You might not see it coming, but by the end of this track you might have the same feeling of exhaustion that you had afer the listening to the original Vertebreaker release. By this point it should be very apparent to the listener that nobody took this task lightly.

Track 7. Just Dawn Hue – (Willy Joy Remix)

Herobust already had me feeling more than a few ways I was not prepared for with Just Dawn Hue. Willy Joy has done an amazing feat with this remix that I struggle to define without sparing it’s real merit.  While the original rendition might remind you of the revelations of your greatest heartbreak, Willy Joy manages to flip Just Dawn Hue into an exhuberant and maybe contradictory celebration of love that embraces a pop sensibility I fear will be understated by the masses. This track is going to make its way into a lot of first love mix tapes and that is a beautiful thing.

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